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The company's growing strength and inspiration is it's social responsibility. „Redix“ expresses its willingness to participate in all projects that addresses the needs of society, meet existing challenges and improve current social issues.

Currently, „Redix“  takes responsibility for an important area of ​​culture - theater and theatrical world, one of the institutions on which understanding the cultural taste of the community and forming a sound mind depends. That is why we believe that theater encouragement, stimulation and financial support are important for the complex development of both the country and civil society.

It is significant to separate philanthropy and corporate responsibility. Since it's founding, „Redix“   has consistently sought to contribute to the development of theater and rebuild a bridge between the culture and society. Projects such as theatrical award „Duruji”, freshmen baptism of  Theatrical University, theatrical publications and works, Promotion of various theatrical troupes, and development of valuable cultural heritage are the few projects in which the company participates. These projects stimulate people working in this field and inspires them creatively. The company's doors are always open to people interested in theater development. We always express readiness to discuss any ideas that will be directed to the development of Georgian Theater in the future.

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