Hotel Kabadoni

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Hotel Kabadoni

Boutique Hotel Kabadoni is located in the historical center of Sighnaghi. Its exceptional location is beloved by visitors to the town. One side of the hotel overlooks vineyards scattered throughout
the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus. The other side reveals the town’s historical center.
The interior of Hotel Kabadoni is a mixture of art nouveau, ancient Georgian and eastern motifs.
Eastern elements and mirrors supplement the hand-painted lobby of the hotel. A variety of colors characteristic of the East are balanced by minimalist furniture in the art nouveau style. The neutral color of the walls is brightened up by the works of famous designers using simple, clean and modern shapes, as well as by colorful Georgian rugs and carpets. These accessories were carefully selected in order to keep the Georgian character and make the interior especially enchanting.

With a dainty environment, calm and harmonious atmosphere, a wide range of services, and traditional Georgian hospitality – Hotel Kabadoni is an ideal place for those who appreciate comfort, coziness and care.
There are 21 rooms in the hotel. Guests and visitors may enjoy a wide range of Georgian and European dishes prepared by our chefs at Kabadoni Restaurant, which is also distinguished for its outdoor terrace and unobstructed view of the Alazani Valley and Caucasus Mountains. Additionally, Guests are able to relax at the hotel’s indoor pool, gym, outdoor terraces, spa & wellness center, and beauty salon.

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