Hotel Samzeo

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Hotel Samzeo

“Samzeo” has 43 rooms. Hotel is built on fragments of old, traditional Tushetian house and has similar balconies. Depending on the season, weather and mood, you experience snowy mountains, colorful nature or bright green fields.

Hotel “Samzeo” is modern, comfortable and traditional at the same time. Tastefully selected wood elements and warm textile creates calm and peaceful environment.

Every inch of the hotel is filled with elements based on Georgian traditions: wood furniture, carpets and rugs, balconies and terraces.

One of the most important advantages of hotel “Samzeo” is energy efficiency. “Samzeo” is the first hotel in Georgia, that uses only solar energy.

“Samzeo” with its every component is unique way to get away from everyday life and enjoy authentic Tusheti experience.

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