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''რედიქსი'' 2007 წელს დაარსდა და 10 წელზე მეტია ევროპული ხარისხის პროდუქციას სთავაზობს მომხმარებელს თბილისსა და საქართველოს სხვადასხვა რეგიონში. კომპანიას წამყვანი ადგილი უჭირავს უძრავი ქონების ადგილობრივ ბაზარზე.

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Hilton Garden InnIn Georgia, as in other countries of the modern world, the development of the tourism sector depends on the development of the quality of hospitality, infrastructure and communication. The more solid, diverse and interesting the country is in terms of tourism, the more people want to visit. That is why every year tourism and related issues become relatively complex and an individual approach to this direction is needed. Business tourism is one of the most attractive and potential direction, because of the local real estate market and in general, with the development of economic relations, this direction is becoming even more demanding.That is exactly the concept of the Hilton Garden Inn. Located in the central part of the city, close to the banks and headquarters of the commercial sector in general, its internationally recognized quality is very close to the highest standard of business tourism requirements. Thereto, the hotel naturally combines with the newly built A Class Business Center CH64.Famous Italian architects worked on the design of the hotel. The facade of the 14-storey building is lined with Italian dark terracotta and glass, which gives the building simple, modern, and easy to see tint. The interior of the building is designed of light colored metal, processed marble and wood, which enhances the feeling of space and fills the guest with positive energy. The hotel's artistic decoration was made by the famous Georgian artist Maia sumbadze who brought beautiful flowers to the small garden of "Hilton Garden Inn", painted exclusively for the hotel. The building features several conference rooms with modern equipment that are a continuation of the hotel's interior design concept. Pool and sauna for complete relaxation, common spaces decorated in different colors and modern Georgian-European restaurant, ideal for business meetings or a quiet evening.  
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